Final Fantasy XIV (Siren) Guild (Free Company) Charter

Greetings Adventurers and Warriors of Light!

The Evolved community has arrived in Eorzea! We started fresh from the ground up and have found a home. It all started when a few FFXIV players invited their friends who played World of Warcraft to come and play. Those friends and players joined together to make the Free Company with the community. We’ve moved between servers and data centers to play together and to find new friends.

Presently our goal is to get more people to end game content, to help people get their gear and skills to the point where they can play how they want. We want everyone to enjoy the story and the wonderful world of Final Fantasy XIV. To facilitate this we have an environment open to learning and socializing, helping anyone with dungeons and to learn how to craft. Most of all though to provide an atmosphere where people can relax and have fun!

Final Fantasy XIV Charter


Evolved is a newly formed gaming community that believes you can have a very rewarding gaming experience while remaining a family-friendly environment. Real-life comes first, but we’ll be here to support you when you want to escape into a game. As a Free Company, we will follow Evolved’s values and proudly represent our community in Final Fantasy XIV. We will be known for our friendly individuals and supportive atmosphere, but also for our accomplishments. Our members’ success drives the success of the Free Company. Together we Evolve our community.

This Charter in no way supersedes the Evolved Gaming charter. All members should make themselves familiar with that charter prior to joining Evolved in Final Fantasy XIV!


This Charter is a living document that can and WILL change as the Free Company grows and matures. The Guild Leader reserves the right to make changes and rulings to this policy at any time, including on the spot, if needed, in order to correct loopholes and keep things fair.


The Guild Leader reserves the right to make decisions that may at times supersede and/or contradict this charter and policies of the Guild. These decisions will never be made lightly and always be done with the betterment of the Free Company as a whole in mind. The Guild Leader also has the last word on all decisions concerning their Guild, Guild forum section, charter, and/or anything pertaining to the Evolved Final Fantasy XIV (Siren) Guild. All decisions made by the Guild Leader can and will be reviewed by the Evolved Board of Directors to ensure fairness to all members.


No policy is 100% safe from exploitation and the officers are here to make sure all things are done fairly. All changes made to the charter in this matter will be reviewed by the Guild Leader before being set in stone.


Any member found to be causing and/or instigating extreme drama within the Free Company will be asked to leave. The Guild Leader will make the determination of what qualifies as extreme drama, and what does not.

At no time will any Evolved member harass another player either in or out of the game. This includes but is not limited to: verbal and/or written abuse in non-guild channels, the use of racial slurs or any other derogatory terms, threats of violence, wishing self-harm on other players, and anything else that normal players would find distasteful. We are not here to be bullies. If any of these things is what you enjoy about gaming, you are in the wrong Free Company.


The advancement of the Guild is all-important. Guild progress equals personal progress. If you are not a team player then stop now and look somewhere else. As a Guild, we will help you out along the way, through Questing, Dungeons, Trials and more. We will not drop everything to do so but work together as a TEAM to achieve a common goal. Please don’t take constructive criticism to heart, we only want what’s best. Remember, we’re here to succeed and have fun!


You, the player, are responsible for your own actions. While we do expect you to adhere to our policies while playing – please feel encouraged to contribute to the overall success of the Guild, which could be through donations, knowledge, group building, social interactions, etc.

As we are a brand new Guild, feel free to speak up and suggest things! Event planning, structured content, raids/trials/etc are very new to us in this game and we’re open to suggestions from everyone.


Those who are interested in joining Evolved should first register on the forums. This is a requirement for ALL future Evolved members no matter what Guild / Squad they wish to join. Once you have registered you will be activated by a forum admin. Upon logging in, you will be prompted to fill out a more in-depth application so we can get to know you.  Once filled out, we will add you to the FFXIV forum group.


  • Applicant MUST register on the Evolved Gaming forums prior to invite.
  • Applicant MUST be 18yrs of age or older. Exceptions may be made for real-life friends/family.
  • Applicant MUST have read the Evolved Gaming Charter AND this Charter prior to joining.
  • Applicant MUST have Discord downloaded and be able to fully communicate with other players! We do not require that you chat with us, but we do require that you have the ability to listen to instructions, meetings, etc.


At this time, members will not be removed for lack of logging on for long periods of time. THIS POLICY IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

3 Months – Any character inactive for this time frame will be demoted to “Inactive” with limited access to Company Chest, and other Free Company benefits.

If you are demoted to this rank, you can be reinstated once you are active again. We try to keep our active roster count accurate, so once you have real-life back in order, engage us again and we will reinstate you.



The Guild Leader is responsible for his/her Guild and all that pertains to Evolved in FFXIV (Siren). It is the Guild Leader’s responsibility to set in-game and out of game (if necessary) goals for the Guild to provide the proper direction and course for Evolved. The Guild Leader has the final say-so on all things pertaining to the workings of the Guild and its membership.

At any time the Guild Leader may assume the responsibilities of any other Officer position within the Guild if necessary and can override any decision made by another officer if it is deemed to be detrimental to the Guild. As an extension of the overall Evolved Community (Evolved Gaming), the Guild Leader is expected to operate and make all decisions with the betterment of Evolved as a whole in mind. The Guild Leader will assume full responsibility for the Company Chest.


The Executive Officer is a direct extension of the Guild Leader and only answers to the Guild Leader. The Executive Officer is in complete charge of the Free Company whenever the Guild Leader is not present and has the Guild Leader’s authority to make on-the-spot decisions for the betterment of the Guild if needed. As with the Guild Leader, the Executive Officer can assume other officer positions if needed.

The Executive Officer can override another Officer’s decision (with the exception of the Guild Leader) if deemed necessary. The Executive Officer will assume full responsibility of the Company Chest if the Guild Leader is not present.


The Recruitment Officer is ultimately responsible for the growth of Evolved and all matters pertaining to recruitment within Evolved. He/she will develop strategies to grow our membership. It is the Recruitment Officer’s responsibility to introduce new members into the Guild.

As with the Guild Leader and Executive Officer, the Recruitment Officer can assume other officer positions if needed. The Recruitment Officer can override another Officer’s decision (with the exception of the Guild Leader or Executive Officer) if deemed necessary. The Recruitment Officer will have access to all tabs in the Company Chest.


Officers are directly responsible for certain tasks within the Free Company itself. These tasks can range from event management, managing the Company Chest, executing/dismissing Company Actions, assisting with recruiting or just being responsible for getting groups going on a daily basis. Officers are appointed by the Guild Leader and Executive Officer.


Member status encompasses those that have cleared the trial period and are deemed a good fit for Evolved. You’re here to have fun and enjoy all that we have to offer in all aspects of the game. At this time this is the default rank for all non-officers once the trial period is complete.

More specific ranks such as “Raider” may be added at a later time. Members will have limited access to the company chest. If a member requests an item from a tab they do not have access, an officer can assist, using their best judgment as to avoid Company Chest abuse.


Recruits are those that are new to Evolved who have decided to give us a shot and see what we have to offer. You are encouraged to play with other members of the Free Company and attend events.

All new members will join the Free Company as recruits for a 14 day trial period. This gives both you the player and us, the leadership, the opportunity to get to know each other and determine if this is the right Free Company for you. At the end of the trial period, recruits are promoted to members. Recruits will have limited access to the Company Chest.


In addition to the overall Evolved Gaming Charter Code of Conduct:

  • If you are caught applying for another Free Company while still in Evolved you will be removed immediately.
  • Acceptance, not tolerance: As we are an all-inclusive community, we expect you to treat all members with the same respect you would expect in return, regardless of race/religion/color/gender/etc. Excluding individuals from groups/events purposely (other than they don’t meet requirements), is prohibited.
  • At this time, the Guild Leader and Officers are the only people who can withdraw items from the Company Chest, with the exception of the Members and Recruit tabs. Items located in other tabs are for Guild use. Contact an officer regarding withdrawing any items from these tabs.
  • Members are not required to deposit money in the guild bank; however, donations will be gladly accepted of any size to support Guild related crafters.


As we begin to grow, we do not have any raid groups or other event groups set in stone yet. Once we have a solid core of players willing to dedicate themselves to these types of events, this section will be updated. Until that time, please feel free to start/join groups with your fellow guildmates and enjoy yourselves! More to come soon…

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