In October of 2018, Evolved Gaming decided to begin branching out from our established Alliance guild on Proudmoore.  And so, the Horde guild on Area 52 was created and added to our growing community. We began with a group of alts created by our Alliance members and got recruitment underway.  Over the past year, the adventure that was rocky, new, and a little scary, has grown to be an amazing part of our multi-game community. We are proud of how much the Horde guild has expanded, and of the environment that we have created here for our members.

Leveling, Questing, and Dungeons

Many of our members are always making new toons, and leveling through questing and dungeons.  Sometimes that’s all they do, and that’s perfect! We want Evolved to be a place where you come and play with lots of different types of WoW players.

Fun Runs/Guild Events

Looking for a little fun outside of raiding and M+?  We offer a variety of “fun-run” nights for our members to come together and hang out, have a good laugh, and a great time.  Old raids for transmog/mounts, achievement runs, fishing contests, random BGs, and more. Come join the fun!

Mythic Plus

Looking to challenge yourself with some higher-end dungeons through the mythic plus system?  We have lots of great people who do this all the time, including helping guildmates get their plus 10 keys throughout the week.  Folks are always willing to help out and teach you the ins and outs of a dungeon. All you have to do is ask!


Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 10:30 pm EST.  We are a heroic progression guild, moving through Normal and then Heroic content, getting AOTC before the next raid tier.

Always looking for Tanks and Healers with offspecs, as well as any DPS class!

We also have a weekly Open raid for all members of Evolved.  This is where we slow it down a bit and give back to our community for the members who don’t like to do progression-style raiding, for those learning to raid, and for those looking to gear up alts.  This all happens on Sundays at 8:30 pm EST.

WoW Horde Charter


Evolved is a newly formed gaming community that believes you can have a very rewarding gaming experience while remaining a family-friendly environment. Real-life comes first, but we’ll be here to support you when you want to escape into a game. As a Guild, we will follow Evolved’s values and proudly represent our community in WoW. We will be known for our friendly individuals and supportive atmosphere, but also for our accomplishments. Our members’ success drives the success of the Guild. Together we Evolve our community.

This Charter in no way supersedes the Evolved Gaming charter. All members should make themselves familiar with that charter prior to joining Evolved in WoW!


This Charter is a living document that can and WILL change as the Guild grows and matures. The Guild Leader reserves the right to make changes and rulings to this policy at any time, including on the spot, if needed, in order to correct loopholes and keep things fair.


The Guild Leader reserves the right to make decisions that may at times supersede and/or contradict this charter and policies of the Guild. These decisions will never be made lightly and always be done with the betterment of the guild as a whole in mind. The Guild Leader also has the last word on all decisions concerning their Guild, Guild forum section, charter, and/or anything pertaining to the Evolved World of Warcraft Horde (Area-52) Guild. All decisions made by the Guild Leader can and will be reviewed by the Evolved Board of Directors to ensure fairness to all members.


No policy is 100% safe from exploitation and the officers are here to make sure all things are done fairly. All changes made to the charter in this matter will be reviewed by the Guild Leader before being set in stone.


Any member found to be causing and/or instigating extreme drama within the guild will be asked to leave. The Guild Leader will make the determination of what qualifies as extreme drama, and what does not.

At no time will any Evolved member intentionally grief another player either in or out of the game. Examples of griefing include, but are not limited to: verbal or written abuse in non-guild channels, corpse camping, causing other players to intentionally become killable, training mobs into other players, and anything else that normal players would find distasteful. If any of these things is what you enjoy about gaming, you are in the wrong Guild.


The advancement of the Guild is all-important. Guild progress equals personal progress. If you are not a team player then stop now and look somewhere else. As a Guild, we will help you out along the way, either through Questing, PvP, or Raiding. We will not drop everything to do so but work together as a TEAM to acquire a common goal. Please don’t take constructive criticism to heart, we only want what’s best.


You, the player, are responsible for your own actions. While we do expect you to adhere to our policies while playing – please feel encouraged to contribute to the overall success of the Guild, which could be through donations, knowledge, group building, social interactions, etc.


Those who are interested in joining Evolved should first register on the forums. This is a requirement for ALL future Evolved members no matter what Guild / Chapter they wish to join. Once you have registered and activated your account, it will be reviewed by a forum admin. If approved, please log in and familiarize yourself with our forums.


  • Applicant MUST register on the Evolved Gaming forums prior to invite.
  • Applicant MUST be 18yrs of age or older. Exceptions may be made for real-life friends/family.
  • Applicant MUST have read the Evolved Gaming Charter AND this Charter prior to joining.
  • Applicant MUST have Discord downloaded and be able to fully communicate with other players! We do not require that you chat with us, but we do require that you have the ability to listen to instructions, meetings, etc.


Members may be removed for lack of logging on for long periods of time.

3 Months – Any rank that has been inactive for this time frame will be removed.

If you are removed, you are not removed from Evolved Gaming as a whole, just cleared of the in-game roster due to inactivity within World of Warcraft Horde (Area-52) Guild. We try to keep our rosters neat, so once you have Real Life back in order, post on the forums or hop on Discord and come see us for an invite.



The Guild Leader is responsible for his/her Guild and all that pertains to Evolved in WoW Horde (Area-52). It is the Guild Leader’s responsibility to set in-game and out of game (if necessary) goals for the Guild to provide the proper direction and course for Evolved. The Guild Leader has the final say-so on all things pertaining to the workings of the Guild and its membership.

At any time the Guild Leader may assume the responsibilities of any other Officer position within the Guild if necessary and can override any decision made by another officer if it is deemed to be detrimental to the Guild. As an extension of the overall Evolved Community (Evolved Gaming), the Guild Leader is expected to operate and make all decisions with the betterment of Evolved as a whole in mind.


The Executive Officer is a direct extension of the Guild Leader and only answers to the Guild Leader. The Executive Officer is in complete charge of the guild whenever the Guild Leader is not present and has the Guild Leader’s authority to make on-the-spot decisions for the betterment of the Guild if needed. As with the Guild Leader, the Executive Officer can assume other officer positions if needed. The Executive Officer can override another Officer’s decision (with the exception of the Guild Leader) if deemed necessary.


The Recruitment Officer is ultimately responsible for the growth of Evolved and all matters pertaining to recruitment within Evolved. He/she will develop strategies to grow our membership. It is the Recruitment Officer’s responsibility to introduce new members into the Guild.

As with the Guild Leader and Executive Officer, the Recruitment Officer can assume other officer positions if needed. The Recruitment Officer can override another Officer’s decision (with the exception of the Guild Leader or Executive Officer) if deemed necessary.


Guild Officers are directly responsible for certain tasks within the guild itself. These tasks can range from Raid management, managing the Guild Bank, organizing crafters, assisting with recruiting or just being responsible for getting groups going on a daily basis. Officers are appointed by the Guild Leader and Executive Officer.


The Raid Leader is responsible for setting up and scheduling raids for the Evolved Guild. Schedules will be posted 24 – 48hrs in advance and will usually (not always) cover a full week. Raid schedules must be communicated to the Guild Leader in advance for approval before being submitted. The Raid Leader is responsible for ensuring the provision of flasks and food for raid members where appropriate.


These Members have met the qualifications to be considered active raiding members. Any member may be a raider as long as they are able to fully commit to the raider requirements outlined in our raid rules and etiquette.


Veteran Members are those that have contributed to the Guild over an extended period of time, through there hard work and dedication. They are nominated by any member and are voted on for approval by the officer core.


Members are those that wish to enjoy the family aspect of Evolved without any obligations. You’re here to have fun and enjoy all that we have to offer from PvE to PvP.

Players that are in the guild but from cross servers that play with us from time to time through battle ID, will not go beyond member status until they transfer to the server on which the guild resides.


In addition to the overall Evolved Gaming Charter Code of Conduct:

  • If you are caught applying for another guild while still in Evolved you will be removed immediately.
  • Cliques: It’s ok to play with your friends, but as a member in World Of Warcraft Horde (Area-52) we expect you to “spread yourself around” a bit. Please always try and group with different people at different times for the betterment of the Guild. Excluding individuals purposely (other than they don’t meet requirements), is prohibited.
  • Low Level or past expansion items are discouraged from the guild bank. Keep or sell all low-level items or if you think other possible members will use ask. Items in the bank will be sorted based on type and quality; therefore deposits should be made in appropriate spots.
  • The Guild Leader and Officers are the only people who can withdraw items from the Guild bank (with the exception of the Open Tab). Items located in these slots are for Guild use. Contact an officer regarding withdrawing any items from this tab.
  • Members are not required to deposit money in the guild bank; however, donations will be gladly accepted of any size to fund guild bank repairs and support Guild related crafters.


Evolved is a multi-gaming community. As such, we encourage folks to enjoy various games and guilds within Evolved. That said, each member of Evolved must designate a Primary game (IE. WoW-Horde (Area-52), etc). It is the expectation that the member will spend a majority of their time in their primary game and if they desire to raid, will attend raids in accordance with their primary Guild’s raid rules.

These rules are in place to ensure that those in their main game get the full benefit of raiding. If a player desires to raid with more than one Evolved Guild, it must not be to the detriment of a player’s primary Guild. If raiding with a secondary Evolved Guild, loot and raid slots will be ceded to primary members over secondary members.