Welcome to Evolved

In August of 2018, Evolved was conceived to provide a drama free, family oriented, and people focused environment for mature gamers who wished to play online without the antics often found in open games. We believe that the person behind the keyboard is more important than the pixels on the screen and that everyone should have the opportunity to play without fear of being harassed, heckled, or abused.

We possess a leadership structure, core values, organizational objectives and all of the various characteristics one would expect to find in a socially-developed organization that is primed for growth. While we will not organize your game play for you, we will offer you an environment in which you can pursue your own gaming style of your choice with others of similar gaming style and mentality.

“Accomplished Casual” will define us for years to come. Yet, as we grow, we’ve broadened our minds to accept that not all games in the modern MMO and gaming world lend themselves to totally casual gaming. Our community will survive because it evolves; it adapts to the ever-changing games around us. Our officers and members work extremely hard and devote long, personal hours to creating a home for the most casual of the casual and to those who are driven to accomplishment. Your gaming experience matters … and we are building this place for you.

Introduction to the Charter

This document, known as our charter, exists for various reasons:

  • First and foremost, it is our internal instruction manual. We have collectively agreed upon the most fair way to approach the management of our community, and the resulting policies and procedures are detailed within this document for all to see and remember.
  • We wish to be transparent to all who seek to join our community. Because our charter is publicly available, visitors who seek to better understand our community may do so.
  • As with any community, disputes and conflicts do occur. The presence of this charter ensures that all such conflicts are capable of reaching an amicable resolution. Our members have agreed to respect all outcomes reached through the use of this charter.

Key Concepts

Our charter can be better understood in the context of the following key concepts:

  • Separation of powers. There is not a single individual in Evolved that controls all aspects of the community. We have purposely employed the use of checks and balances that are designed to guard against abuses of power.
  • Two-tier structure. This concept permits us to create branches in various games that function independently but which are still unified under a single banner. Therefore there exists a central body, called our “Core Membership,” and individual gaming charters in the games we play, called “Guilds.” This charter is focused on defining the higher levels of Evolved, whereas Guilds are largely left to their own devices, with a few key exceptions. Please refer to the Guild Structure section of this charter
  • Bureaucracy vs. fairness. It is not our desire to create a bloated nor convoluted system of procedures, but we do recognize that a lack of agreed-upon policies may compromise the level of fairness that we seek to guarantee to our members. We have designed Evolved with the intent of striking a reasonable balance between these two considerations. We strive to maintain a balance between fairness and excessive bureaucracy in the way we operate.
  • The charter is final, but can be changed over time via vote from the Triumvirate and Board of Directors. All rules detailed within the charter must be adhered to by every member of Evolved. If a member disagrees with the charter, they must first seek to amend it before diverging from established policy. In this way, the charter is a living document that is designed to adapt to our members’ needs.

Charter Amendment Procedures

The following steps must be followed in order to amend the content of the charter:

  1. Only Board Members can initiate an amendment. The Board Member initiating the amendment process is encouraged, but not required, to launch a discussion about the desired amendment within the forum designated for Board Member legislative deliberations.
  2. After the Board Member has become confident in the nature of the changes they would like to make, they must write out the exact changes in a form that is ready to be copied and pasted into the charter. The Member should be very precise when it comes to indicating what text is to be removed and/or what text is to be added.
  3. The Board Member must then contact the Board President and inform them that they have an amendment ready for proposal. The President will ensure that the basic requirements for the proposal are met, by verifying that the requested modifications are very clearly defined.
  4. The President will then post the proposed amendment in the appropriate forum for it to be voted upon by all Board Members in a “Yes” or “No” fashion for exactly 7 days.
  5. If the majority of Board Members vote “Yes” to implement the amendment, the President will request that the Site Admins make the necessary changes to the official copy of the charter on the Evolved website. If the majority voted “No,” the amendment process will be concluded without changes to the charter (and the individual who initiated the changes must repeat the amendment process from the beginning if they wish to try again).
  6. Successfully passed amendments are to be considered in effect at the exact moment the vote ends unless otherwise noted, regardless of whether the President has yet updated the official copy of the charter.

Code of Conduct

The following rules apply to all members of Evolved.  In the case of any conflict between a Guild’s individual charter and this document, this document shall rule.  Any member in violation of the Code of Conduct is subject to punitive action, up to and including expulsion from Evolved and/or its Guilds.

We will only accept players who are 18 years or older. We do offer a PG-13 atmosphere but please consider the following:

  • Comments that are in nature a reflection of: racism, sexism, homophobic behavior, religions, prejudice against another’s beliefs and life choices, as well as overly childish/immature behavior will hold a Zero tolerance policy.
  • Use appropriate language. Excessive swearing, naughty language, off-color/sexist jokes are not acceptable.

Assume that members’ children and young players are viewing chat or listening at all times. If you feel the need to curse, take a moment and do it with your microphone off. That being said, we are not a safe space guild where no offense will ever be given, where nothing will upset you. We in no way want to become a guild where members have to walk around on eggshells in case they might offend others. We acknowledge jokes may received the wrong way, and accidentally cause offense.

Should such occurrences happen, suggest the current topic is inappropriate, and a change of topic to something positive. Do consult an officer as needed to discuss the issue. If the officers feel it was a personal attack, and truly inappropriate, they will take action as they see fit.

  • Acknowledge that real life issues always take precedence over computer games. It is strongly recommended that members always remain mindful and balance their time wisely; periodically assess the time your game consumes and make an honest evaluation of whether or not your level of participation is healthy. Above all, we are a family and care for your well-being.
  • No cheating. Do not use editing tools, hacks, botting programs, or any other third-party program that gives an unfair advantage. Do not exploit bugs to give yourself an advantage that was not intended by developers. Follow all policies spelled out by game developers or publishers of what is or isn’t considered cheating within their particular game.
  • Purchasing characters, in-game currency, or levels is strictly forbidden, except where expressly permitted by a game’s Terms of Service agreement and done through official channels.

Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct may result in the temporary or permanent suspension of your membership.

Evolved Leadership Overview

Tier Three

These members are not within any particular Guild and help oversee the vast upkeep that keeps everything running smoothly within the community. They may be a Guild leader or hold a position of leadership within a

Triumvirate: Cataclysm, Isilaura, and Star

The ultimate authority of the Evolved Gaming Community. They are responsible for the advancement of the Community as a whole and actively oversee the continued growth and success of Evolved in all aspects. They work with the Board of Directors and must unanimously agree upon all decisions.  As with all members, the Triumvirate Members adhere to the Charter and work within its bounds when exercising their authority.

Board of Directors

Led by the Triumvirate, The Board works within a democratic structure voting on what is best for all of Evolved. These ideals keep the community from being about one person’s quest. All Board Members have an equal vote in any issue brought before the Board. A minimum of five Board Members is required to hold a vote on any motion.

Membership of The Board is determined by The Triumvirate. Any proposals of promotion to Guild Leader, must be approved by The Board of Directors and The Triumvirate.

President: Taevarth

leads the Board by creating agendas for discussion and keeping those discussions on track as needed, including the recognition of speakers. Meeting agendas must be posted on the forums a minimum 24 hours prior to a scheduled meeting.  While any Board Member may propose a motion, only the President may initiate a vote by the Board.

Vice-President: Grimmie

takes the role of President if the President is absent. Records the official minutes for all meetings and ensures they are published for members in a timely manner.  Acceptable methods of publication include posting on the forums or newsletters.

Game Director:

any new game Guild that a member wishes to create within Evolved will be introduced through the Game Director. The Game Director will assist in creating a structure/plan for a new game to be brought into Evolved. This will be presented to the Board for approval. If approved, the Game Director will assist in implementation of the new Guild.

Creative Director:

plans and directs the creation of material that will maintain or enhance the public image of Evolved. They will maintain Evolved’s presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc), Evolved’s website as well as Streaming (Twitch, Facebook, etc) by not only keeping it up to date but supplying pictures, video and graphics.

Community Manager:

builds and monitors the Evolved community and is responsible for the community by welcoming members, assisting with recruiting, directing recruiting officers, and essentially running an outreach team.

Additional Leadership


Committees may occasionally be created by the Board for specific purposes. Such committees will be headed by the Board Member whose position is most relevant to the committees’ tasks or a designee chosen by the Board.

Guild Leaders

As a Guild Leader, this person has absolute authority over the Guild of which he or she is a member, ensuring fair and balanced decisions are made. All Guild Leaders answer directly to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may intervene in the affairs of a Guild only if they have determined that those affairs conflict with this Charter or the health and well-being of Evolved.

These members reserve the right to be heard by the Board of Director prior to a vote. Guild Leaders are valued individuals who assist in running the greater community of Evolved and will have a voice in the operation of the Evolved Community.

Chapter Leaders

A Chapter Leader governs over the Chapter of which he or she is a member, ensuring fair and balanced decisions are made. All Chapter Leaders answer directly to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors may intervene in the affairs of a Guild only if they have determined that those affairs conflict with this Charter or the health and well-being of Evolved.

These members reserve the right to be heard by the Board of Director prior to a vote.


The original Architects of Evolved were Borders, Cataclysm, DJHaighted, Grimmie, Isilaura, McPunchy, Origin, Skye, Soulquake and Taevarth. These members reserve the right to be heard by the Board of Director prior to a vote. They may be called upon in times for guidance.

System Admins

These positions maintain the Evolved Website, Forums and Communications system. Responsibilities can include system monitoring and analysis, troubleshooting servers, and upgrading to new software versions as needed. Other miscellaneous duties may be applicable to help ensure that our technology stays current and offers effective functionality.

Rules for Guild Creation

Evolved is a multifaceted organization that explores expansion opportunities when new platforms or games are developed.  

Any member interested in a new release, future release, or existing but unrecognized game is invited to post their interest in the general section of the forum “Upcoming and Future Releases”.

This will cover the process to be used when forming a new Guild.


The member must submit the following items to a Game Director:

  • Name of platform and/or game
  • Name of member to be Guild Leader
  • Draft copy of charter for the Guild. This charter must incorporate the following, while adhering to the Evolved Charter:
    • Mission statement
    • Leadership structure
    • Rules for membership
  • Each Guild will have their own rules for its members to adhere to. Note: Basic layout of a Guild Charter will be provided.
  • Explanation of rank system to be used by the Guild.  While the Guild Leader is given latitude to name and structure ranks as he or she sees fit, the following positions must be included in any such system:
    • Guild Leader (named in petition; there may only be one)
    • Executive Officer (appointed by the Guild Leader; must not be related to Guild Leader, including dating)
    • Recruiting Officer (appointed by the Guild Leader and agreed upon by their Executive Officer)

Review of New Guild

Once submitted, the new Guild’s Charter will be posted for review in the Board forum on the Evolved website. The review period is typically three to seven days but may be extended if deemed appropriate by the Board.  If approved, the Guild’s leader will be placed on a Three month probationary period for evaluation. This period may be shortened or extended by the Board as they see fit. If the petition is denied, the Guild will be immediately disbanded or required to cease using the Evolved name and logo.

Becoming a Full Guild

If a petitioning Guild completes the probationary requirements imposed by the Board, probation will end and Guild will become an officially-recognized Guild of Evolved. Guilds will abide by their own charters and the Evolved Charter and will ensure any new members do the same. Likewise, all Guilds are expected to utilize the official Evolved forums (located atWebsite here) as well as the Evolved voice chat server and none other.


Any official Evolved presence in an online or massively multiplayer shooter (or similar game) is termed a Chapter.  Each Chapter will have a single Chapter Leader and will be required to use the official Evolved forums and voice chat server, but Chapters are not otherwise subject to the requirements governing Guild.  Instead, all Chapters must adhere to a single Chapter charter. The Chapter is led by a single Chapter Leader who reports directly to the Board.

Guild Leadership Structural Overview

Tier Two

The below positions are part of the Guild management tier. They are responsible for training new members into the community and helping resolve any conflicts that may arise within their chosen Guild.

Guild Structure

The Evolved Charter takes a minimalist approach towards Guild structures and requires only that they be led by an elected leader called a Guild Leader. The Guild can be organized in various ways at the discretion of the Guild Leader as long as there is an Executive Officer and a Recruiting Officer in place. Guilds must document any existing or planned exemptions to the Guild Membership via their Guild’s charter in their sub-forum. Some suggested positions are documented below. Individual Guilds may or may not have unique rank structures, which will not be detailed in this document.

Guild Leader (Required for Guild)

Guild Leaders are responsible for the specific Guild that they oversee and coordinate. As a Guild Leader you will be working closely with the Board of Directors to make decisions that affect your Guild as a whole.

A Guild Leader must work closely with their Executive Officer to oversee all activity within his/her Guild, and to ensure that all members are playing in a professional manner that represents Evolved in a positive manner. Communication, ethical behavior, and decision-making are the most important qualities of Guild Leadership.

The Guild Leader decides what is appropriate and inappropriate and must remove and ban offenders when forum rules are broken. A Guild Leader must display sound judgment and decision-making in all aspects of his/her online interaction. As always, good communication is the key to success.

Executive Officer (Required for Guild)

The Executive Officer position comes with many responsibilities, such as being directly responsible for assisting with running their Guild. As an Executive Officer, they are a role model for all of the members in their Guild. By accepting the rank of Executive Officer, you are making a commitment to be a fair and responsible leader. This includes making yourself available several times a week to solve problems, hold meetings, and to support the membership.

The Executive Officer decides what is appropriate or inappropriate, decides what does or does not need to be removed, and warns offenders when the forum rules are broken. The Executive Officer is also required to maintain discipline within his/her Guild and report any infractions directly to the Guild Leader.

The Executive Officer must display sound judgment and decision-making in all aspects of his/her online interaction. As always, good communication is the key to success. The Executive Officer can override other officers’ decisions (except those of the Guild Leader) if deemed necessary.

Recruiting Officer (Required for Guild)

The Recruiting Officer is responsible for coordinating growth and recruitment efforts on behalf of their Guild. It is the Recruiting Officer’s responsibility to invite new members to the guild (with assistance from the other officers) and to instruct the new members on the rules and operation of the guild. The Recruiting Officer will follow up with new members as necessary.

The Recruiting Officer decides what is appropriate or inappropriate, decides what does or does not need to be removed, and warns offenders when the forum rules are broken. The Recruiting Officer is also required to maintain discipline within his/her Guild and report any infractions directly to the Guild Leader and Executive Officer. The Recruiting Officer can override other officers’ decisions (except those of the Guild leader and Executive Officer) if deemed necessary.


Officers are directly responsible for specific tasks within the guild itself and for miscellaneous duties as assigned by the Guild Leader and Executive Officer. Officers are appointed by the Guild Leader and Executive Officer.

The Officers decide which posts are inappropriate and need to be removed, and subsequently warn offenders when the forum rules are broken. The Officers are also required to maintain discipline within their Guild and report any infractions directly to the Guild Leader and Executive Officer. The Guild Leader and Executive Officer can override the officer’s decisions if deemed necessary.

Subsection of Officers

Raid Leader (RL)

The Raid Leader is responsible for setting up and scheduling raids for their Guild and for communicating the schedule of events.Raid Leaders research new raids and bosses from all angles (dps/tank/healer roles) in order to develop strategies that consider the composition of said raid group.

While directing an encounter, a Raid Leader may assign tasks such as call-outs, interrupts, etc. A Raid Leader will monitor the group’s performance as a raid progresses to see if any adjustments need to take place. After each raid, the Raid Leader will review performance with Raid Assists using logs and/or observations to determine what may be done to improve the strategy or a player’s role as needed.

Raid Assist (RA)

Raid Assists are under the command of the Raid Leader of their group. They will assist in the overall organization of the raid by calling out targets or mechanics, reviewing raid logs, assisting in the removal of raiders from raids, and chatting with raiders after a raid or on off nights about the raiders’ performances (good and bad) with their Raid Leaders to assist and answer questions.


The Warlord is responsible for the scheduling and coordinating of PvP events. Additionally, the Warlord has the right to appoint temporary representatives to perform specific tasks during a scheduled event (and only on these occasions). All scheduled events must be communicated to the Guild Leader or Executive Officer in advance for approval before the event.


The Logistics Officer is in charge of the overall wealth of the Guild’s bank. The Logistics Officer is responsible for the collection and distribution of the Guild’s goods, resources, and money.


This officer is responsible for setting up and scheduling PvE events for the guild and communicating the schedule of events to the guild. These events may also include forum based activities to boost forum usage and member interactions.

Member Structural Overview

Tier One

Members with a Tier one rank within the community are here to have fun and participate in community events. While they are they are the backbone of the community they are not expected to complete difficult tasks regarding community upkeep.

Community Veteran

Community Veterans are those that have contributed to the Evolved Community over an extended period of time.


Members are those that wish to enjoy the family aspect of Evolved and are in good standing with the organization.

Appointment or Removal of Membership

Appointment of Triumvirate

In the event of a vacant permanent Triumvirate position, either through resignation or removal of a permanent by two Triumvirate Members plus “All” Board Members, each active Triumvirate and Board Member may submit one nominee to the Triumvirate casting the vote. Voting will be conducted via exhaustive ballot (Through PM via forums or voip), until a single nominee receives a majority of votes cast.  In the event of a deadlocked vote, an Architect will be called upon to break the tie.

Active Board Members are the only ones that can be promoted to a Triumvirate position.

Removal of Triumvirate

If a Triumvirate Member has become inactive, or is in some way no longer fulfilling the requirements his or her position entails, the remaining Triumvirate may call for a vote to remove the inactive Triumvirate Member from his or her position.  Removal of a Triumvirate Member requires an affirmative vote from “All” of the active Triumvirate and Board Members not under review for removal.

Appointment of Board of Directors Members

In the event of a vacant Board of Directors position, either through resignation or removal of a Board of Directors Member, each active Board of Directors Member and Triumvirate may submit one nominee to the President. Voting will be conducted via exhaustive ballot, until a single nominee receives a majority of votes cast. In the event of a deadlocked vote, the President will break the tie. Board of Directors Members may nominate themselves for a vacant Board of Directors position.

Active Board Members who are nominees for a position must abstain from voting for that position.

Removal of Board of Directors Members

If a Board Member has become inactive, or is in some way no longer fulfilling the requirements his or her position entails, the Triumvirate may call for a vote to remove the inactive Board Member from his or her position.  Removal of a Board Member requires a vote of consensus from “All” of the active Triumvirate.

Officer Removals

Although it is rare, officers can, and will, be banned for breaking guild rules. We do not make these decisions lightly, but we will always act to protect the guild and act for the greater good of our members.

Member Removals

If you are removed from the in-game guild and have no idea why, check to make sure you were not inactive first. Buttons get mis-clicked too, so if you really thought everything was copacetic, please do bring it up to an officer. Do so politely.

Dispute Resolution

Recourse for Evolved Leadership

Evolved Board Members reserve the right to review or reverse decisions made by Leaders that are in violation of the Charter. Such action will only be taken by the Board when said Evolved Leader is unwilling to correct said decision(s).  If deemed necessary, the Evolved Leader may be removed by the Board.

Evolved may institute a ban for any member based on recommendation of said member’s Leader or for flagrant violation of the Evolved Charter. This requires an affirmative vote from no fewer than all active Board Members.

The Board will arbitrate all disputes between Guilds. Decisions resulting from such arbitration are final for all parties.

Recourse for Members

Members should address concerns or issues with their respective Leaders.  In any instance where a Leader has violated the Evolved or Guild Charter, a member may seek a ruling from the Board. Additionally, members banned by a Leader may petition the Board for reinstatement.  The Board reserves the right to refuse to hear the case, if they so choose.

Banned Members

Bans may be temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the infraction. Banned members can contact and officer or above where they can appeal their ban.