2019 Get Together

Our first annual Evolved guild meetup took place in Las Vegas, NV at the end of May 2019. We had a turnout of almost 30 people and everyone had a wonderful time partying and meeting up with the guildies they talk to every day. 

On Thursday afternoon, Jed led a small group to Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum. Later that evening, there was a meet & greet over at the Party Lodge for all the folks who had shown up early. We had snacks, cigars, music (provided by Nariko), and of course, a bit of booze.

Friday morning, Grimmie took her family to see the Hoover Dam while Julie took a small group to Machine Gun Experience for some big gun action. Cata, his wife, and Sketchie took a tour of some of the hotels on the strip. Most of the group met up at Caesar’s Palace for a late lunch/early dinner at the massive buffet. Afterward, a large group went to see the Zombie Burlesque show while the rest went back to the Party Lodge for naps and/or board games.

Saturday was the day of the big guild meeting, hosted by Julie over at the Party Lodge. Qdoba catered the event for us and Julie made a couple of cakes to go with it for Rummu’s birthday. We had a pool party over at the Party Lodge with water volleyball and Swim shoving people into the pool. Unfortunately, we never got to wax Cata, but we did get to see him and Swim cuddle in a very manly way. Most of the group stuck around the Party Lodge all day visiting, eating, and playing board games with Sketchie.

Rummu, Isky, Hannah, Nariko, Lean, Gurina, Nikki, Wedge, Soul, Swim, Isilaura, Bagols, Graveyard Saint, Sketchie, Jazzmina, Zidar, Julie, Cataclysm, Jack, Grimmie, Coxworth, Kithain, Phantasma, Jed, and Dhaxis.

Persons not in Photo – Josh and Lukie Bear

Sunday was mostly spent recovering from the other day’s events. That evening, everyone met up at Buca di Beppo for a massive family-style Italian dinner. Afterward, Jack & Julie took a small group to see Penn & Teller. Later that evening, a small group went to do some gambling on The Strip. After drinking some Fat Tuesday’s slushies, we rode the roller coaster at NYNY and got kicked out of all Caesar’s casinos. Our adventure ended around 3 AM at the Party Lodge. Some of the group had to travel back home.

Monday morning, the remaining group at the Party Lodge helped in the cleanup and we shuttled everyone to the airport

More Information

  • Discord: #2019-get-together, Although you can’t type in the channel anymore, Please take the time to scroll up and check the Pins.
  • Evolved Imgur: Under 2019 Get Together – https://imgur.com/user/Evolvedgaming
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